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Newbie Tuesday Tip – Don’t spend money on couponing!

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Newbie Tuesday Tip #2:  Don’t spend money on couponing! 

Your goal is to save money, not spend it!  Do not run out and buy a shiny new binder and order tons of coupons to fill it with.  Give yourself time to find out if couponing will become your new addiction.  Until then, stick your coupons in an envelope. Works just fine!

P.S.  I still use the same old shoebox that I started out with (I hate binders!!!)

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12 comments to Newbie Tuesday Tip – Don’t spend money on couponing!

  • Joanna Williams

    I am so glad to here some eles is still using a shoebox and envelopes. Kids laugh, but I take that shoebox EVERYWHERE.

  • becky

    I use a clear plastic shoe organizer that hangs on the back of my door to organize all of mine and then just labeled each pocket by catagory

    • Heather

      what are you using for pockets for your shoebox?

      • Darlene

        I just have the envelopes standing up in there, along with one of those coupon pocket organizers and a small clip board, my printout for savingstar. All that stuff fills it up enough so that everything stands up.

        • Heather

          regular white mailing envelopes?
          thank you for the info.
          I am debating back and forth if I want to bother trying the binder method again lol
          thanks 🙂

  • Nan May

    I don’t like binders either. I bought several of the clutch type coupon holders: two for food, one for non-food and one by store (CVS, Walgreen, etc) to hold Register Rewards, store coupons and rain checks. This really works well for me. Staples carries them for around $3. Then I picked up a cute mini-tote bag at Goodwill to carry them all in.
    I then use junk mail envelopes for my list and I insert the coupons I’m using as I go.
    Works great for me.

    • Heather

      thank you for the information. I will take it all in and try to figure out best way for me. almost leaning towards the non clipping method, file them and cut as I need them.

  • Heather

    I just read your post here about not running out and getting a binder and that you hate binders. And that you are using same shoe box that you started out with. Do you use regular white envelopes to put your coupons in the shoe box? Just wondering. I am trying to get back into couponing right now. I am between newbie and intermediate I would say and having a hard time figuring out how I want to organize my coupons. the binder seems to be so overwhelming and time consuming and I am a grammie raising my grandson since he was born and will be 2 years old next week so between him and my full time job, I feel like I just don’t have time for it. Also, I got into a deal with a friend to get 20 papers – 10 for her and 10 for me and I am finding that overwhelming as well, any suggestions??

    • Darlene

      Yes, I use cheapie white envelopes. I used to sort by exp date but then you have to keep track of what’s in each envelope. Now I mostly just sort by store and if I have a coupon I printed and don’t know where to use it yet, I’ll put it in a “not filed” envelope or in Dairy, Cereal or whatever it fits in. As for getting the inserts from the paper, when I used to do that, I never cut anything unless it was time to use it. Now I don’t get the paper at all. I only order exactly what coupons I want from one of my clippers.

      • Heather

        I thought about the ordering of coupons instead of getting inserts, I am just so concerned about getting fake coupons and getting into trouble for that. I would lose my mind if I got accused of trying to steal products with fake coupons.

        • Darlene

          I can promise you that if you order from a reliable clipper, you will not get fake coupons. They are all from original inserts.