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Please print this and take it with you to Shaw’s for the Mega Sale!

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Oh boy!  Some shoppers are saying that their Shaw’s is telling them that they have to buy 10 of each item in the Mega Sale to get the sale price, not mix and match. If they are being told that, I would bet a pretty penny that Shaw’s is just confused!

I asked Dan on Shaw’s facebook page about this sale just to be sure we were all on the same page.  You can see the post here, but I also want you to print this snippet of what was said.

If your Shaw’s tells you anything different, show them what Dan said.  If they still give you a hard time, insist on seeing something in writing!  If Shaw’s changed the way this sale is run, they would have to let the stores know via some sort of written communication. I can almost promise you it’s just a matter of them not know how the sale works!

I’m sticking to what I was told, in writing, by Dan, whose word is what we are to go by!  Print this and take it with you.

The same goes for the Hood sale too. Mix and match with no limit.


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1 comment to Please print this and take it with you to Shaw’s for the Mega Sale!

  • Emily

    Brunswick had signs up everywhere saying “mix and match”, and I had no problems at check out. So for anyone in the area, that store shouldn’t give you a problem!