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SANFORD SHAW’S ALERT – Unadvertised Sale on Sirloin Pork Chops – $.99/lb

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I almost forgot to tell you!  Shaw’s in Sanford has an overload of sirloin pork chops and they have them priced at $.99 per pound until they sell out. I told them I’d be sending folks their way and asked how long they think the sale will last.  They said they should have enough for at least 4 days if not longer. 

These are located in front of the seafood section, not in with the other meat.  Stop by and pick some up!  These chops are awesome for stews or crock pot dinners.  Or just pan fry or broil.  Wicked good!

Sanford Shaw’s Sirloin Pork Chops Only $.99 per lb while supplies last!

I would check your Shaw’s too, just in case they have them at that price too!


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1 comment to SANFORD SHAW’S ALERT – Unadvertised Sale on Sirloin Pork Chops – $.99/lb

  • Angela

    Great way to use all that Kikkoman stir fry packets! Also fabulous in place of chicken with all that .04 chicken helper you bought???