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Chiquita Bananas Only 19 CENTS /lb at Shaw’s 10/4 – NO Coupon Needed – FREEZE THEM!!!

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Shaw’s Flyer Preview 10/4 – 10/10

I want to point out that Shaw’s will have bananas on sale for $.19/lb as part of their 3 Day Sale 10/4-10/6.  This is such a great price!  I want to give you some tips for freezing bananas!

To Freeze Bananas: Peel them, bag them whole, try to suck out some of the air, and freeze!  You can break off what you need or easily pry apart with a knife, then just toss the rest back in the freezer.

For Baking or Pancakes: I like to let my bananas ripen before freezing if they are going to be used for baking.  A ripe banana tastes more bananary! 😉  When they thaw, they may ooze  some brownish juice.  Add that juice to the batter!

For Smoothies:  If you freeze bananas on the green side, they are perfect for rich and thick smoothies! Plop them into the blender while frozen.

For Fruit Salads:  The greener the banana is when frozen, the better. They will thaw with very little discoloration and they stay fairly firm.

Stock up at $.19 per pound and you’ll have bananas for lots of recipes when you need them!



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