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I heard back from McCormick about their Spice or Herb coupon

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Before I share the reply I got from McCormick about a question I had for them, let me explain that I was not out on a mission to kill the joy of this coupon.  I know everyone was using the $2/1 McCormick Gourmet Spice or Herb coupon to pick up the seasoning mixes for free, but to me, a spice or herb is just that, a spice or herb, not a seasoning mix.  And since McCormick has specific categories on their website for spices and herbs, and another for the seasoning packets, I figured they expected us to use the coupon on a spice or herb.

I decided to just go ahead and call McCormick, and if they said the coupon was a go for the seasoning mixes, I would post the deal.  It took a while to get my answer, but I finally got it via email.  The answer was no.

From McCormick…

“Per our Marketing Team, the intent of this coupon is for use on Gourmet Spices and Herbs only. It is not meant to be used on our Gourmet Dry Seasoning Mixes. Thanks to your feedback, future printings of this coupon will include additional verbiage to clarify that Gourmet Dry Seasoning Mixes are excluded from the coupon offer.” 

Joe, Consumer Affairs Specialist, Ref # 1861313

Before you tell me I ruined it for everyone, please know this… I really, really, really wanted to post the deal, but I wanted to feel good about it.  The only way I could know for sure what to do was to ask McCormick.


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11 comments to I heard back from McCormick about their Spice or Herb coupon

  • Christine Saucier

    Thank you Darlene!

  • John S

    With all due respect, in the future kindly don’t do such a thing. These large company’s have the ability to pay lawyers to figure this all out and encode it on the coupons. My philosophy is if it works then let it be. I can understand some people choosing to not use every opportunity, and certainly understand you not wanting to post borderline deals, but you can live by your code without messing it up for those that feel otherwise.

    • Darlene

      But John, McCormick should not even have to change the wording. The coupon is clearly for Spice or Herb and not for seasoning. I’m surprised how many think Spice and Seasoning are one in the same. I tried pointing out that they are different and I got emails pretty much saying that anything you use to season food is a “spice.” That would be like saying any jelly you spread on bread is a preserve. Two different things. Just pointing out what the coupon is for. Spice. Herb. Period. The only people I messed it up for are those who want to use a spice or herb coupon on seasoning. And with all due respect to you, in the future, I’ll post exactly what I want to post on my blog. I cater to everyone here what feels like 24/7 and if I can’t have my say on my very own blog once in a blue moon without getting a scolding, then that’s very sad.

      • John S


        I did not intend to come across as ‘scolding’ and believe I was simply and respectfully offering a point of view that might be different than yours. If you felt otherwise, my apology. I was referring to your contacting McCormack and ‘asking’ not scolding. As far as posting what you want I specifically said I understand your not wanting to post that offer. I absolutly think you should post what you want. That said I hope that by asking for comments you are open to polite discussion that may not always agree with you.

        Ethics is a thorny issue and reasonable minds can certainly differ. How is this borderline call (IMHO) any different than pointing out that coupons might double even though they say do not double?

        Or using multiple devices to print more than 2 coupons when the “intent” of the company blocking more than 2 prints may arguably be that they want to limit people to two.

        I am simply pointing out that there are numerous grey areas and we all make our own choices in which offers, opportunities or loopholes to take advantage of.

        Keep up the good work.


        • Darlene

          Anyone can share their opinions and views. But if you read your first comment, you are instructing me to not do such a thing in the future. To me, that’s not opinion or point of view. That’s an order! I guess I don’t take kindly to orders 😉 I see your name often in the comments and I appreciate your readership. I hope you continue to follow the blog and feel free to always express your opinion and views. You can have the last word on this one. I won’t reply to this thread again.

  • Thank you for this information – this looks like another case of, “just because the coupon works during the transaction, that doesn’t mean people should knowingly use it improperly.” I fully understand how difficult it was for you to post this response! *hugs* GREAT JOB! 😀

  • Clarinda T

    Thank you for taking the time to do the research and get the correct answer. You are awesome.

  • Sharon

    Thank you Darlene, there are too many willing to post misuse of coupons…very happy to see this kind of dedication. Doing the right thing is never wrong.

  • Thank you for all you do. I for one do not like using coupons for things that were not intended to be used for. Even if it is free. I appreciate your high moral standard and your diligence to keep a good name for couponers. <3

  • Rhonda

    Darlene, I appreciate that you always try to do things the correct way. I helps to keep couponing from getting a bad reputation. Thanks!!

  • Renee

    I used my coupons for the Gourmet Seasonings posted in the picture above at Walmart on Sunday with no problem.