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[GONE] ** IT’S BACK ** $1 OFF Fresh Pork with NO minimum purchase!

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Our lovely $1 OFF Fresh Pork coupon is back!  And this time there is no minimum purchase… just like we used to get!  That means you can score some super cheap pork if you find some that is marked down. 

Sorry folks, but it’s gonzo now.

$1 OFF Fresh Pork printable coupon – I got 2 prints per computer/facebook account but I had to use FireFox as IE was being a pest! 

NOTE: These coupons never scan and have to be entered manually, so stay away from Walmart since they are buggers when it comes to non-scanning coupons. I always use mine at Shaw’s with no issues!

There are times that I get packages of pork for only pennies with these coupons, like when I got all the pork you see below for a total of $.27!



Thanks, ILTG!


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