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PRICES for BOGO items for Shaw’s sale starting 9/27

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I walked around and got the prices for lots of the items for the upcoming BOGO sale at Shaw’s. Please note that these are priced in Sanford, ME so your prices may vary. Also, sometimes regular shelf prices can change during a bogo sale, though they have been much better about that lately.

Here are the prices for the BOGO items on THIS PAGE of the flyer.   I will do some individual matchups later.

Edy’s Ice Cream $5.49

Milford Valley Farm Chicken $3.99

Campbell’s Chunky Soup $2.79

Healthy Choice Soup $2.59

Tony’s Thin Crust Pizza $3.99

Boston Market Dinners $3.59

Tostitos $4.29

Cheetos $3.49

Frigo String Cheese $5.49

Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Bread $3.99

Ocean Spray 100% Juice $3.99

Utz Potato Chips $4.29

Entenmann’s Little Bites $4.49

Nature Made or Sundown, too many price variations, but I noticed they are bogo thru 10/10

Then on THIS PAGE we have…

Essential Everyday or Shaw’s Frozen Vegetables or Blends, $1.19 to $1.79

Sunkist Fruit Bars $4.99

That’s all I got for now


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