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Progresso Classic Soup Only 60 CENTS at Shaw’s with Printable Coupon and SavingStar

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Shaw’s Flyer Preview 10/18 – 10/24

Here’s a complicated deal you can do to get cheap soup for your stockpile!  lol  Okay, it’s not too scary.  The thing is that usually with bogo sales at Shaw’s, the “free” items do not count for SavingStar, so I’m doing the deal for 16 cans to guarantee the $2/8 Progresso SavingStar refund is triggered.

The other thing you have to remember is to only pick up the soups that are on sale. They are not all included. Check the shelf tags to be sure as many cans get shifted. Just one wrong soup will screw up the whole deal.

The Classics were the cheapest at Sanford, so I’m using those as the price. Only 4 like coupons will double so 4 will double, 4 won’t.

You can use a $/2 coupon on a bogo sale at Shaw’s (see shaw’s reply here).  A B2G2 for 16 cans is the same as doing B1G1 8 times, so you can use 8 coupons. All 8 coupons are being applied to the 8 cans you are buying. No coupons are being applied to free cans.

Here we go!

Here’s the deal at Shaw’s 10/18 – 10/24
Activate the $2/8 Progresso Soup SavingStar eCoupon
Buy (16) Progresso Classics B2G2 FREE at $2.19 each
8 will be free with the store sale
Use (8) $.50/2 Progresso printable coupons (get 2 more prints here and maybe here)
4 coupons will double to $1.00 off, 4 coupons will stay at $.50 off
Pay $11.52 at the register
Get $2.00 refund from SavingStar (one time only, learn more here)
Final price $9.52 for 16 cans so only $.60 each

My stock up price for Progresso is anything $.65 or lower, so this is a very good price!


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4 comments to Progresso Classic Soup Only 60 CENTS at Shaw’s with Printable Coupon and SavingStar

  • Wendy

    Can we break it down into two transactions and still the $2 back from Savingstar? Or does it have to be purchased in one transaction?

    • Darlene

      This one has to be in one transaction. It’s possible that picking up only 8 (getting 4 free) will trigger the refund, but lately I’m finding the free ones don’t count as some locations. I think it’s how the register is set up. That’s why I suggest 16 total.

  • maria

    oh, and by the way… it looks like the ‘new’ stuff at saving star are: cashback mall and online coupon codes (you can see it all when you log in to your account);

  • maria

    I did that deal last time (I’ve actually done it three times on different days) and I just checked my account on saving star as well as the receipts, and it shows that I redeemed my $2 the first time I’ve done the purchase; so it looks like in this case it works on free items 🙂