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If you buy the Sunday Paper for the Inserts, here’s what I want you to do!

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I know that I have turn many of you on to ordering your insert coupons from coupon clippers.  Since I started using clippers well over a year ago, I have never purchased a paper. I only order from clippers. My fave clipper by far is Klip2Save! I also use Coupon Dede if K2S is sold out. WeClipUSave also has a good variety, although I have not actually placed an order with them yet.

With that said, are times buying a paper is worth the investment (like reader Janice points out here). However, there are many times you will get home with your stack of costly papers only to discover that the coupons you crave… are.  not.  there.

Here’s what you should do each and every time you buy a paper strictly for the inserts.

1. Bring the newspapers to the customer service desk and tell them that you need to check the inserts.  Then stand right there as you do your coupon investigating.  This will prevent anyone from coming up to you and accusing you of stealing inserts.

2. Pull out the inserts and go through them to make sure that the coupons you are looking for actually exist. Many coupons are regional and may not be in your insert. Others might be in your insert but may not have the value you expect. Values are regional too, so you might get $1/1 instead of the good doubling $.75/1. If you don’t like the inserts, try another newspaper or even another store. Sometimes a different “region” is just around the corner. Other times you have to travel to the moon.

3.  Once you find a particular newspaper that has the inserts that you want, be sure you check every single paper you buy to make sure that the inserts are tucked inside. Sometimes they are missing. Yup, someone else might have grabbed them!

4.  Optional:  Once you buy all your papers, you can pull out all your inserts then hand out free newspapers to other shoppers!  Just tell them you bought the paper for the coupons and don’t need the paper. If you feel funny doing that (at first it sure feels funny), you can ask your local library, food pantry, homeless shelter, animal shelter, schools (for crafts) etc., if they would like the papers.

The very first time I bought a paper for the insert, I got home only to discover the coupon I wanted was not in my region.  I must have flipped through that insert 20 times looking for the coupon and I was so sad to know I would not get my free roll of toilet paper (left a lasting impression… lol).

Bottom line is make sure you go home with the coupons you expect. You have all the right in world to check the newspapers, so don’t be shy about it!


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