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Report on my experience when using the Essential Everyday BOGO Coupons

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I used my very first Essential Everyday BOGO coupons today (sold out and I can’t find them anywhere else).  Here is my experience.

The Essential Everyday Kielbasa Sausage is on sale for $2.50 each through 1/2.  But they are ringing in at $3.79 for the BOGO sale.  I knew in advance that they would be $3.79 for the bogo, but they still have the $2.50 tags on them, not the BOGO tags.  And although both the regular sausage and the beef sausage are the same price, the beef does not seem to be part of the BOGO sale.  So, the tags say $2.50 but they ring up as $3.79 and the beef is not part of the BOGO, even though it’s ringing up as $3.79 and not $2.50.  What a mess! Bottom line is if you buy the sausage, watch the screen like a hawk.

As for using my actual coupons, I had 2 sausages and 4 whipped cream (all over $2.00) and I used 3 coupons.  The first bogo coupon scanned and took off $2.00. The second bogo coupon scanned but only took off $1.00 and had to be manually changed to $2.00.  At that point the cashier just manually entered the third coupon, so I didn’t get to see how that one would have acted.

This whole bogo coupon thing could get messy!  I suggest you have them scan your bogo coupons after every 2 items you send through.  Scan 2 items, scan a coupon. Scan 2 more items, scan a coupon. That way you and the cashier see exactly what is going on.



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14 comments to Report on my experience when using the Essential Everyday BOGO Coupons

  • Trish C

    Darlene – Shaw’s apparently gives you the item free if it rings in wrong (my sister has had this happen several times recently!). So, if the Kielbasa tag said $2.50 and it rang in at $3.79, I believe you should have gotten it for free…no coupon needed 🙂

    This “get it free if it rings in wrong” seems pretty common at stores in MA…Stop & Shop, Hannaford, Shaws. I don’t think Demoulas/Market Basket does it – though they should since products ring in at the wrong price there so often!! The policy at the other stores seems to be that the 1st item is free and, if you are buying multiple items, the rest are rung up at the tagged price. So, if you are buying three items and the item tag says $2 but rings up at $3, you should get one free and two at $2.

  • Lynda

    I’m hoping to use mine on the butter next week, if I have it figured correctly….the butter will be .75 a pound and just in time for my Christmas baking.

  • Mindy

    I had trouble using 2 of them on the whipped cream that was bogo too. They finally approved it and manually entered them.

  • Ashley Yerakes

    Yesterday at sanford shaws I bought 4 whip creams and used 2 bogo coupon and it came out free!

  • Amy

    It would be nice if we could get an official statement from Shaw’s confirming that these coupons can be used in conjunction with a BOGO sale.

    • Darlene

      Amy, Dan post this on Shaw’s facebook page back in March… Shaw’s Supermarket Hi Deals by Darlene – I originally misunderstood the question. I’ve provided Kele Bourdeau with an updated response (above). Here’s the best way to explain this: Kele buys a pair of items that are on sale at BOGO. The Free item in a BOGO sale can essentially be seen as her having a ‘store coupon’ for a Free item. Because she is making a purchase and has a ‘manufacturer’ BOGO coupon, and because we allow store and manufacturer coupons to be stacked together, the manufacturer coupon gets applied to the BOGO purchase. So in the end Kele should have received both items Free. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, I can assure you that this response has been approved internally, and Kele’s store is being notified of the proper coupon policy. Thanks ~ Dan. And the original post is here (his reply is in there somewhere if you want to print it)

  • Amy

    I wrote a complaint on Shaw’s Facebook page because my cashier was not very nice when I attempted to use the BOGO MQ combined with the BOGO sale of the EE whipped topping. She said I couldn’t use it because I was already getting one for free. I told her I wasn’t using a coupon on the free item, I was using it on the other item. I spent over 5 minutes waiting for the coupon to be approved by the manager while the line backed-up, and the people behind me were obviously annoyed. I was embarrassed because I knew I was using the coupon correctly.

  • Heidi

    I used on coupon just fine for the BOGO (actually the cashier gave me the full amount off and not $2). I went back the next day and I was told I couldn’t use it for the BOGO. I decided not to argue and will just go back later in the week.

  • Josephine Gray

    Mine worked fine in Bangor. I got 2 bags of sugar and two quarts of half & half…they are part of the mega 10 sale, so with the sale prices and the coupons paid $1 for each item.

  • Nichole McKinnon

    I went to the self check out for 2 cans EE evaporated milk $.99 and 2 Whipped topping $2.49 BOGO. Coupon wouldn’t scan, manager came over and kept saying “so you got on for free” I had to keep explaining that was the store sale etc. It took quite a while but she finally keyed in $2 and $.99.

  • Danielle

    I used 6 on Sunday and had no issue. I told my cashier all of the items I purchased were over $2. She just keyed them in as such.

  • Becky

    Well, that sounds like a nightmare. Let us know if you find out why it didn’t scan correctly.