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Price List for the $.75/1 Essential Everyday RedPlum Coupon!!!

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$.75/1 Essential Everyday 1/26 RedPlum insert coupon

NOTE: This coupon is a DND but it starts with 5 so it may very well double. However, I’m sure the cashiers will be put on guard to undouble this sucker, so let’s have no tears and be happy with the $.75 off. We will still rock some fantastic deals with this coupon! And the good thing is with no doubling, we can use as many as we want in one transaction!!!

EE = Essential Everyday

Here are some prices for you. I’m only picking the lower priced items to save on typing.

At Shaw’s 1/24 – 1/30 (see flyer for sizes)

EE Solid White Tuna $1.00

EE Ripe Olives $1.00

EE Croutons $1.00

EE Frozen Bagged Veggies $1.00

EE Buttery Spread or Margarine $1.50

EE Ground Coffee $2.99

EE Cocoa $1.50

EE Fruit Snacks $1.50

EE Fruit and Grain Bars $1.99

EE Cereal $2.29

On Sale Now thru 1/30

EE Ketchup 32-40 oz $2.00

EE Mayo $2.99

EE Salad Dressing 8 oz $1.50

EE Chicken Broth 32 oz carton $1.69

EE Peanut Butter $2.39

EE Tomato Paste $.50 = FREE

EE Apple Juice 64 oz $2.00

EE Napkins 120 ct $1.00

EE Tomato Sauce 15 oz $.69

EE Tomato Sauce 8 oz $.50 = FREE

EE Greek Yogurt $.99

EE Sour Cream 8 oz $1.00

EE Applesauce 6-Pack $1.99

EE Buffalo Wing Sauce $1.67

EE Pasta $1.00

EE Whipped Topping $1.29

EE Party Cups $1.00

EE Dinnerware $1.00

EE Chips $1.67

EE Bread Crumbs $1.99

EE Air Freshener Twin Pack $1.00

EE Steamy Veggies B2G1 FREE (use 2 coupons)

EE Can Tomatoes 28 oz $1.00

EE Tomato Sauce 29 oz $1.00

EE Tomato Puree 29 oz $1.00

EE Paper Towels $1.00

EE Tissues $1.00

Prices good Now thru April

EE Rice Mixes $.88

EE Frozen Veggies 16-32 oz $1.99

EE Tomato Paste 6 oz $.50 = FREE

EE Crescent Rolls $2.00

EE Yogurt $.50 = FREE

EE Fries $2.00

That’s all I can dig up for now. There will be tons of ways to use this coupon!!!




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