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Check Out My New Facebook Page – Coupons by Darlene! – WARNING: For Coupon Addicts Only!!!

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Did you see?  Did you see?  I started a new facebook page for coupon addicts like you and me!!! It’s Coupons by Darlene! I love hunting down and posting coupons, but it was getting to be a bit much for my Deals by Darlene facebook page as it made the actual deals harder to find.  So, the coupons have their own home now!!!  And now I can post as many coupons as my little heart desires and not worry about it being too much!

Well, itt still might be too much for some fine folks, because there are people out there that like everything in moderation. I’m not one of those people. lol (ugh!).  So if you think you’ll quickly get sick of scrolling through tons of coupons, you need not visit.  I don’t want anyone to suffer from COD… coupon overload disorder! lol

What will you find on my new page?  Coupons, coupons and more coupons!  Because I’m a blogger, I am affiliated with a few of the coupon sites.  That’s gives me a bit of inside info that the general public does not get to know about.  But, I’m about to blast all those secrets and share them with you!

Here’s what you’ll find on the new Coupons by Darlene page!

New coupons that just came out – Some sites update hourly, and there are many days that I check every hour for 16 hours straight. I have the charts to prove this insane compulsion!!! When a new coupon comes out on the top sites like Coupons.com, Redplum.com, etc., I will do my best to let you know, and if I know what time it came out, I’ll let you know that too, because I’m that anal (please humor me).  And I try to post all the new coupons that come out on the top sites, even if it’s a lousy coupon. What I might consider a lousy coupon might be the exact coupon you need, so I just put them out there. You decide if you should print.

Reset coupons – Since I keep track of all the coupons by coupon ID, I can see which coupons have reset, depending on how good I’ve been keeping track. I don’t always know if something is reset, but when I do know, I’ll certainly tell you. I find that some coupons reset by region, so my system is not perfect. Imagine that.

Coupons that are still available – Some coupons are worthy of multiple posts, especially those that are good doubles. Since not everyone is glued to their computers like I am (I’m super glued), they might miss seeing the really good coupons the first time around. So you will for sure see repeats as I want everyone to get the good coupons. If it’s not reset, I’ll let you know and you can just mosey on by and skip that one if you printed it recently.

Regional coupons – When I’m in detective mode, I love to hunt down regional coupons that might be hiding on other zip codes.  One thing you need to know: if you print a coupon from another zip code, you can use that coupon anywhere. You don’t have to travel to Beverly Hills to use a coupon that was printed on zip 90210. One thing you need to remember: not all brands are available everywhere.  So if you are playing detective on another zip, if you see a coupon for a brand you’ve never heard about, that brand might not exist in your neck of the woods.  If I think a brand might be hard to find or is something I’m not familar with, I try to include a store locator when possible.

Top coupons – I sometimes get to know which coupons were the most printed coupons over the past few days or past week.  If and when I get that tid bit of info, I will pass it on to you. If we know everyone is printing it, that might mean it’s a good one to print!

Coupons about to disappear – I am able to see which coupons are scheduled to disappear within 7 days. Those coupons might hang around the full week, or they might disappear in the next hour. That part I don’t know. So when you see a coupon that I say is about to go away, print it immediately if it’s something you will cry over if you miss out on later.

Facebook coupons – Many, many, many brands have coupons on their facebook page. I find lots of them using my coupon database. But those coupons come and go quick, so they might not always be available. Since I can’t possibly print ever coupon before telling you about it, there are times I will post a coupon that might not actually exist. I do my best to check, but there’s a human side to me that is lazier than the robotic machine side of me, so sometimes I take a chance and just post a coupon and hope it’s good. Yes, I’m mean like that.

Website coupons – Many brands also put coupons on their websites. Now that I have a facebook coupon page, I will be looking for more coupons on various websites. And I would love, love, love it if you share any website coupons that you find. Just know that when a brand has a coupon on both their website and facebook, that coupon might be powered by the same engine so you might still be able to get only 2 prints total, not always per link. It’s hit or miss.

Bricks coupons – Bricks coupons are one of those types of coupons that pop right up without taking you to a website or a facebook page. What’s awesome about bricks (you’ll see bricks in the URL) is that they are usually very easy for everyone to print. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone tell me they could not print a bricks, not unless the coupon was gone. And just like with facebook coupons, it’s not easy for me to see if they are indeed still available. They might look available but when you click print, it might say it’s gone. This might be because you already printed or it might be because the coupons no longer exists. It’s impossible for me to know. I ask that any time you see a coupon is gonzo, please leave a comment under that facebook post so other will know. There is no way I can check all coupons. There’s that mean side of me showing up again!

PDF coupons – Couponers love PDF coupons since you can get unlimited print.  So when I find them, I will post them, even if I’m not in love with the coupon  (I have to remember that YOU might love it!).  PDF coupons are in file format so the numbers do not change for each print. You can save to your computer and print as needed. You still need to read the coupon as some might have a restriction limiting how many you can use at once.

Hard to find coupons – Some coupons are little buggers and they don’t want to behave like proper coupons. One that comes to mind is the Crisco coupon that we all had such a hard time printing. I’m pretty good at finding direct links, and my readers are very good at pointing out direct links when they find them. So, stick with me for your best chances at printing those hard to find coupons!

Insert coupons – I will be bringing you more insert coupons links, especially the really popular ones like when we get new Essential Everyday coupons. Then when we are all waiting for a particular clipper to restock, we’ll have a place to hang out together!

Expiring coupons – I want to try something new that I have not done before. I want to give you a heads up when certain insert coupons are expiring. I can’t really do that with printed coupons since most of the expiration dates vary because they are determined by when we print the coupon. But I should be able to shout out expiration alerts for insert coupons easy enough. Just remember that you never use a coupon just because you have it.  Only use it if there is a sale to go with it and if the price is low enough.

Coupons for the more healthy stuff – I normally stayed away from posting coupons for things like organic, gluten free, dairy free, etc., because those items are just so darned expensive! And I worry that if I post a coupon for $1.00 off some expensive nut butter that costs $10 per jar, someone will run out and buy it thinking they should (I worry so much! lol). But you know what? I’ve got to stop doing so much hand-holding and let  you all make your own choices. Right?  And there are more and more of you asking me for coupons for organic or “healthy” stuff, and there are more and more of those coupons available now. So if you are going to buy that costly food anyway, then I want you to be able to save too!

Restaurant, retail and family activity coupons – I’d love to be able to bring you more hot coupons for dinning out and shopping along with coupons for family activities like discounts to museums or movies. It does not have to be all about groceries!

Coupons for the rest of the U.S. – I’d love for my new page to be popular nationwide, so you will see coupons for items you might not be able to get in your neck of the woods. Like I might post coupons for Publix or Kroger, stores we don’t have on the east coast.  I would not be doing deals for those stores, just posting the coupons. I always try to mention if a coupon is for a particular store, so if you don’t shop there, you can just scroll on by.

Is that enough?  Might be enough for now.  I don’t want to swamp you with coupons or anything like that. That’s an outright lie!  I want to totally saturate your world with coupons!  And I will NOT be holding back.  There are times that I need an outlet to just go wild and not worry if it’s overkill. I hold back on lots of things because I know it’s too much. I hold back on store deals. I hold back on Amazon finds. I hold back on the free eBooks.  It might not look like I’m holding back, but I hold back plenty.  I will not be holding back on the coupon page.  I just plain won’t. So, like I said, it’s for coupon addicts only 🙂

Love always,

Darlene XOXO (tee hee)

P.S. for Newbies: Do NOT feel like you are supposed to print all the coupons that you see on the new page. No one should be printing them all. Just hang out on the two pages below and soon you will know which coupons are right for you. And you’ll also learn the right time to use them.

Coupons by Darlene (for coupons)

Deals by Darlene (for deals)


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