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Skylar’s First Email to Me!

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I got this email sent from my son’s phone today and I was like… what on earth?  Then I forgot about it. He just let me know that Skylar, my 5 year old granddaughter, sent me that email without him knowing.  I think it’s adorable!!!

Might have been nice for her to include me in the list of people she loves, seeing as how she was sending it to me LOL! But hey, that’s okay.  At least she mentioned both parents!

She cracks me up, that girl. One time when I called to talk to her, Derrick said, “Skylar, you wanna talk to memere?” and she said, “no, thank you.” LOL  At least she has good manners.

UPDATE:  I guess she read my mind!!!  Either that, or my son saw my post 🙂

I.     Love.    My.       Daddy
I.         Love.       My.       Mommy
I.     Love.    My.       MEMERE

She’s on a roll…

Kids.      Love.      Everybody

Kids.     Love.     Puppies

I can’t believe I’m getting emails from Skylar!!!


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