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*** ATTENTION SANFORD SHAW’S SHOPPERS *** I left about 100 Kozy Shack Pudding insert coupons behind the pudding!!!

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I just got back from Shaw’s and what a disheartening experience I had.  I had about 100 or more Kozy Shack coupons that expire today.  I had ordered them to send to everyone who sent me Tena coupons as a thank you but I never got around to it (so sorry, but I was overwhelmed with how many people sent me coupons and I would have needed an assistant to help me reply).

My plan today was to hand out pudding and coupons to everyone in the store so lots of people could get FREE pudding.  I filled my cart with Kozy Shack and walked around. I could not get anyone to bite. No one.  Went to the registers to hand out to people as they were checking out and I could not get anyone to bite there either.  No one.  I probably looked like someone out of their mind so I really don’t blame the shoppers for all the horrified expressions they made while they shooed me away.

I put all the pudding back and I hid all the coupons on the shelf behind the vanilla Kozy Shack pudding.  There should be at least 50 of the coupons for chocolate and 50 for any flavor.  There are waiting for you!!!  Please make me happy and go get some FREE pudding!

You can use 4 of each coupon as long as they have enough chocolate pudding left.  The coupons will all double up to $1.00 making the pudding FREE!!!   They had tons of pudding when I left.  I hope you can score!!!

If you do pick some up, it would be great if you could REPORT ON THIS POST to let others know if there are any coupons or pudding left. Thanks!!!



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6 comments to *** ATTENTION SANFORD SHAW’S SHOPPERS *** I left about 100 Kozy Shack Pudding insert coupons behind the pudding!!!

  • mary peterson

    Awww, you tried, it was a sweet gesture to leave the coupons and let people know :). Thank you Darlene!

  • Katy

    I actually went there today and saw the pile, but didn’t read your post until after my visit! That’s really thoughtful of you to put those out there for others to save! I have given coupons to people in line behind me at the register before, if it’s about to expire. I’ve never stayed to see if they actually use it or throw it away, but I can’t imagine anyone being opposed to saving money!

  • Penny arno

    Thank you for doing that I wish I was near the sanford shaws…I m just stating out with couponing and still really don’t understand how it all works but willing to learn and would never be rude!! So tired of dealing with those kinds of people…getting tired of turning my head and ignoring rudeness there is no reason for being rude just say no thank you and move on!

  • Darcy G

    I’ve given people coupons at the check out before if I notice they have something in their cart they can use it on. it always makes us both smile

  • Sherrie

    How sad. I guess there are 2 types of people: Those who coupon and those who don’t understand coupons. Those who don’t understand don’t try to understand and don’t want to give you a moment of their time to understand. Oh well, it’s their loss and our gain for our savings… and I DO mean savings! Thank you for helping all of us who follow you! 🙂

  • kristi

    I’m no where near Sanford, but I’d go if I were and would have glady excepted them if you handed to me at the register 🙂