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Here is my suggestion on how to use the $2/1 Essential Everyday Toilet Paper coupon

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UPDATE:  We have a deal!!!  Get 4 rolls for only $.50!!!

If you are holding the $2/1 Essential Everyday Toilet Paper coupon, I suggest that you save it for a sale on the 4-pack and don’t bother using them on the single rolls.  Many are reporting that they are not getting the overage, and although free TP is good, you are losing a good chunk of value of that coupon if your store refuses to let you have the overage.

The 4-roll packs are regularly priced at $2.99, so only $.99 after the coupon.  But, you should hold the coupon just to see if they go on sale for $2.50.  If we don’t hit the sale before the coupons expire (mine printed good until 8/7), then $.99 for 4 rolls is certainly a good price.

I’m holding out for the 4 rolls as I love to have enormous amounts of TP in my stockpile (I currently have over 150 rolls)!  I’d rather pay a little out of pocket for extra TP than get the overage. And by buying the 4-pack, we can totally avoid those unpleasant dealings at the register.

And if you are still looking for that coupon, it’s gone now.


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2 comments to Here is my suggestion on how to use the $2/1 Essential Everyday Toilet Paper coupon

  • Carolyn Cooper

    I just got back from Shaws here in NH and I used two $2 EE toilet paper coupons on the 2/$5 sale which is going on until 07/10. It worked just fine for me! Eight rolls of Soft & Strong toilet paper for $1!!!

  • Julie

    Someone on the Shaw’s coupon gossip page posted a pic of the 4packs being 2/$5 right now until the 10th. Not sure if this is for all stores but worth checking 🙂