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Why I still promote Shaw’s deals that use a coupon with another store’s logo on it

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I want to let everyone know why I still promote deals for Shaw’s that use coupons with another store’s logo on it.  Dan on Shaw’s facebook page has been stating that they do not accept these coupons. I went back and forth with him about this months ago and he never had a good reason for me as to why he keeps saying they don’t accept them. He says they don’t get reimbursed for them but that’s just not true (call some of the manufacturer’s yourself and ask them!). Then he said it’s because they are retailer coupons, but that’s not true either (they are NOT store coupons!). He finally just said for me to post deals as I see fit, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Many of you keep pointing out that Shaw’s coupon policy says that they don’t accept coupons with another store’s logo.  There is NO mention of that in the policy at all!  The policy states that they don’t accept other retailer coupons. A manufacturer coupon with another store’s logo on it is NOT a RETAILER coupon.  It’s a MANUFACTURER COUPON. Period.

Sometimes the logo show’s on the coupon image online, but will not show when printed. Sometimes it’s not showing online but will show up on the coupon when printed. There is no way I’m going to print every single coupon to see if another store’s logo will be on the coupon or not.  And there is no reason to since it does not matter.  As long as it’s a manufacturer coupon, we can use it at Shaw’s according to their current policy.  If they don’t want to accept manufacturer coupons with another store’s logo, then they need to change their policy.

Until there is a policy change, I will promote deals for Shaw’s using printed internet coupons with another store’s logo.  If your store gives you a hard time about it, you can give corporate a call and tell them how you feel or what I said (and you can say I sent you), but you’ll probably get nowhere.

As a coupon blogger, I’m expected to abide by store’s printed policies.  I expect them to follow their own policy too. If they want to change the rules, that’s fine by me. But they need to update the policy. UPDATE:  I’m not saying that Shaw’s has to accept coupons with other store logos.  What I’m saying is if they do not accept them, they need to say so in their policy. It’s very easy for them to add that they do not accept manufacturer coupons with another store’s logo.  I’m quite sure that’s what Rite-Aid does (I have not checked the RA policy in a while).

And while I’m on a roll, Shaw’s policy is to double coupons with a value up to $.99 and they allow overages (just won’t give cash back at the end of a transaction). That means that every single coupon that we give them that is $.99 or less and does not state “do not double” should be doubled to the full amount.  If they manufacturer has the coupon coded to double only to the shelf price, Shaw’s should manually double to the full doubled value of the coupon. To not do this is false advertising, plain and simple. I have never found in any of their policies anything that states they double coupons but only if they scan that way. UPDATE: I’m NOT saying that they need to or that I expect them to double all coupons.  I’m saying that they need to add something to their policy and also to their flyer.  All they need to say is something simple like “some restrictions apply” or whatever. As it stands, there is no disclaimer and that looks like false advertising to me. Sort of bait and switch.

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Now… back to the deals 🙂


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15 comments to Why I still promote Shaw’s deals that use a coupon with another store’s logo on it

  • Fawn Charron

    I had a big issue using manufacture coupons with the Walmart logo on them. The cashier and floor manager were extremely rude to me both refusing to use them. Stating they were a Walmart coupon. I got the deals with the coupons only after the floor manager threw the coupons back to me stating to the cashier “Just give her the deal” and stomped off. I called Corporate the day after. They apologized tremendously and had the head manager of this Shaw’s call and apologize also. They stated as long as it states it is a Manufacturer coupon they have to accept them.

  • Paula

    I use manu q’s with Walmart logos all the time and they just scan. Last week I had a different cashier who said they couldn’t take them and I politely told her that they always do. She checked with someone who told her that the store manager said to accept them

  • Maureen

    My sister and I haven’t had any issues at either Shaw’s or Wal-mart in our area. Last week with the Revlon nail $3 coupon it wouldn’t auto scan at WM and she called over the CSM. He read it started to say I could only get nail polish because of the picture on the coupon. I stressed it said “nail product” He agreed with me and I was able to get the nail files and nail clippers plus money back in hand. The cashier just had to manually enter the coupons instead.

    It’s always good to have a recent copy of the coupon policy with you which you can pull out if there’s issues. They tend to back down when you have the policy with you and can say “where does it state that in your policy?”

  • Kimberly

    I’m glad you mentioned about the overage, they changed their computers so that if the coupon goes over the price of the item it automatically reduces the coupon. Luckily it hasn’t caught all coupons as I’ve been able to get overage on one. Fingers crossed they won’t put an end to that. Stop and shop does it to all coupons now. As for using a coupon with another store logo… I’ve run into a lot of problems so I just don’t use those and I have never had a good experience using internet coupons at Wal-Mart so I refuse to use them there. Unfortunately they go to waste 🙁

    • Maureen

      Kimberly – if you have issues ask to talk to a CSM or the store manager. If the internet coupons each have a different code under the right hand corner bar code they shouldn’t be giving you a hassle and accept them. That unique code shows they’re not copies and were individually printed.

      I had an issue months ago with the Wal-Mart in Hudson MA. I posted a comment on their FB page and received a phone call from the store manager. The 2 people who gave me a hard time I haven’t seen at the store when I’ve gone there since, either they’re gone or changed shifts.

      • Kimberly

        🙂 Ty… I had that happen to me in a Ma Wal-Mart too. They basically accused me of coupon fraud for using more than one printed coupon. She kept showing me the coupon policy and repeating they didn’t accept duplicate coupons even though I pointed out each coupon had an individual number. The manager later called me and apologized, but insisted that they will only accept one of the same coupon per transaction.

  • I just ran into this problem at my last shopping trip at Shaw’s. I had coupons for Kraft salad dressing. When the clerk scanned the coupon she said it would not scan because it was a Wal-Mart coupon and they could not accept it. It was a manufactures coupon but they still wouldn’t accept it.

    • yvonne

      I had the sane coupon and ran into a similar problem. I however pointed out that they needed a lesson in language. Those coupons say “redeemable at” which means that I can take them to Walmart. If it said “redeem at” then it would mean that I have no choice but to take it there. If you continue to have this issue email and talk to them about their wording.

  • I spoke with Patricia at the Waterville Shaw’s Sunday August 10th to clarify this for those that shop in the Waterville Maine Shaw’s. She said they take coupons with other stores logos on them as long as they say manufacturer’s coupon at the top. There has been issues with cashiers not adhering to this so stand your ground and tell them Patricia verified that they do take these coupons.

  • Deanna

    I so agree and have been saying this all along. People made such a big deal about this that somehow all the stores that took the Walmart q’s were then contacted and told not too. This was our fault for having tons of coupons calling, going to store managers and constantly asking “Dan”.

    We should have left it alone and nothing would have come out of it. According to “Dan” this has been a yr since they haven’t accepted them. I said if that’s the case why would shaws have not accepted them earlier seeing all the $ they would have lost. New the we don’t get paid for it was bull.

  • SamanthaRey

    I’ve never had an issue with store logo coupons at the DW Shaw’s in Nashua, thankfully.

    I’ve seen various coupon blogs cover these types of coupons and their appropriate uses, and the argument I like best for how to use these coupons is as follows: if it says “redeemable at [store]” or just has the logo, it’s a regular manufacturer’s coupon and can be redeemed at any store, and they will be reimbursed; if it says “redeem at [store]” or “redeem only at [store]”, then that limits the coupon to the named store, even if it is a manufacturer coupon.

    Basically, “redeemable at…” is a suggestion; “redeem at…” is a condition of using the coupon.

  • Heidi

    I’ve never had any issues with the Rockland store.

  • Lelia

    I have also been saying this since it is all over the posts lately. I asked in Bangor store and I was told if the coupon scans it is fine. I was also told they do get their $ on these coupons. I would imagine if they didn’t get their money they would be implementing a new policy right off the bat…If a new policy comes out so be it, until it is in policy and they scan I will be using them.