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Window Shopping with Darlene

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Hey everyone, I have something totally different for you!  I’m practicing with doing screenshot videos so I thought I’d take you window shopping with me so you can see how I hunt down the cheapie deals online.

Below are the items that I pointed out in this video.  Then below that I gave you links to the sellers that we visited in case you spotted something else you liked.

PLEASE NOTE that the program I used to record is a freebie and I didn’t know it would just run out after 15 minutes so it just cuts off at the end.  I don’t know how to do any kind of editing yet, so I just left it as is. Enjoy!

BONAMART Silicone Keyboard Cover for Apple Macbook Pro 13″ – 15″ Black

Kitty-Party Retro Jewelry Necklace Pendants

Hot Popular Women Cool Backpack Flower Coin Bag Wallet Hand Pouch Purse

SODIAL Children Panda Pattern Mini Yellow Umbrella Playing Toy

Hot Cute Mix 10pcs Different Barbie Handbag Shoulderbag For Barbie Doll Accessory

Topstaronline Vintage Retro Rings

And here is the list of sellers we visited during this window shopping trip!








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2 comments to Window Shopping with Darlene

  • rina

    omg you are to funny … i finaly got a chance to watch your window shopping … the funny part was when i saw something i liked and tried to much the screen up then realized you had control .

    • Darlene

      When I watch it back, I do the same thing! I’m constantly trying to click on things but the screen is a video! lol