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*** PLEASE READ *** A note about the Shaw’s flyer preview and why it’s not happening today… boo hoo

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Just want to let you know there will not be a Shaw’s flyer preview this Monday.  I just got back from Shaw’s and they told me that there is going to be a corporate meeting about the flyer on Tuesday, and that all stores were to hold the flyer until after the meeting.  So I could not get the flyer or the new Big Book of Savings today. That means no Shaw’s flyer preview today.

I was reassured that I could get the flyer on Tuesday, so I’ll post the preview, video and deals on Tuesday this week.  I have no clue if this is going to be a permanent change or if it’s just for this week.  I’ll let you know more as I know more.

The last time they held back the flyer was when they were launching some new sale. They could not give me the flyer, but a reader was able to get one at her store and she scanned it for me and I posted it. Remember that?    So, if any of you get your hands on one… just sayin’ LOL

Let’s hope they are holding back the flyer because the flyer is super special, and not because they want to put an end to bloggers posting it in advance.  We will just have to wait to find out!

Now, what on earth am I going to do today???  Oh, I could start on my coupon class video series!



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4 comments to *** PLEASE READ *** A note about the Shaw’s flyer preview and why it’s not happening today… boo hoo

  • Polly Keegan

    I truly believe that you were a target for speaking up towards the coupon policy to Dan and this is the payback:) Sorry bc I know you were being a voice for all the people who are on your site.For the future if someone gives you screen shots Idk if I would post their names like the trading person who supplied it this week,as they may go after all individuals who help? I think its sad that larger companies do this bullying but never forget Erin Brockovich and how she stood for what was right and in the end brought a multi million company to be held accountable for their actions:)

  • KathyBaker

    It’s scary in a way to think our savings could end, but I think Shaw’s has made so many changes already to limit the savings, even with the double coupons, that they wouldn’t take away the early preview. I think you drum up buisness for them Darlene! Thank you Darlene for what you do!

    • Polly Keegan

      I agree and honestly I think a little discrimination is going Darlene’s way for posting her and Dans conversation!( He should be ashamed and embarrassed at the lax of initial response then to follow up by a crappy answer.I only go to Shaws bc of the couponing bc with out that the prices are way higher than Walmart. I think its important that we keep a watch as to how Darlene is treated bc after all she spoke up for us as well as herself:)

  • estelle lauletta

    I used to always get the ad on Tuesday. About 6 months ago Dan & I had a discussion about it he said that then it would not be available till Thursday. He said that other stores were getting it early & that they were matching sales with special ads in newspapers??