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My Shaw’s Shopping List – Plus My Picks for Your Stock Pile with NO Coupons Needed!

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Hey everyone! Each week I will be posting my shopping list so you can see what I’m stocking up on.  If you need the same items, you can stock up too!

Please note that I’ll be doing lots of stocking up just by shopping sales with no coupons.  So if you’d like to save money on groceries without clipping coupons, be sure you come back every week to see what I’m getting.  Better yet, just don’t leave! lol


At Shaw’s 10/9 – 10/15 (see flyer)


My List

Red or Green Peppers $.99/lb (4 day sale, see here) – Since this is a 4 day sale, I will actually be able to buy some peppers!  I can shop when I pick up the flyer on Monday. I’ll be stocking up on red peppers since that’s a fantastic price for those. I’ll be freezing them.


Pork Chops $1.29/lb (4 day sale, see here) – I guess I’ll grab some pork too since that’s a good price.


That’s it for me.  There are a few other things below you might want to add to your stockpile if you are low.


Other Stockpile Sales

General Mills Cereal $1.88 (see here) – This is a good price for cereal even without coupons. I have a list of the included cereals here.  I have not posted any cereal coupon deals yet, but should be able to get to that tomorrow and will have it in the coupon roundup tomorrow night.


Eastern Apples $.79/lb (see here) – This is a great price for apples and just in time for baking! Store your apples in the refrigerator and they will last a very long time.


Refreshe Soda 12-Pack $1.99 (see here) – This is a great stock up price for canned soda, even without coupons. If you’re not brand fussy, get yourself a 6 month supply!


Essential Everyday Sugar 4 lbs $1.88 (see here) – If you do lots of baking for the holidays, you might want to buy enough sugar to get your through it all at this price.  We do sometimes get it a bit cheaper with coupons, but if that happens, you can still buy more later and just rotate your stock.


Those are my picks! If you see something else that you feel is a good sale price, go ahead and stock up. Once your stockpile is built, you will have the luxury of shopping only for items that are free of very cheap later!

I will have the Shaw’s Coupon Roundup posted on Thursday evening!


Remember to eat from your stockpile. That’s why you built it!


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