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My weekend at Shaw’s – almost $400 of stuff for less than $50!

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Went to Shaw’s Saturday and Sunday. What a way to spend the weekend! I got almost $400 worth of stuff for under $50! And I have money back to spend next time!

For some reason, it doesn’t look like much. I think it’s all too cramped. But there is plenty there!

The total before scanning the card and before coupons was $391.93.

After all the discounts and coupons, I paid $49.36!

I could have brought it down to $35.86 by using all my catalinas, but I’m saving them for later.

I got…

80 (yes… 80) boxes of Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper

8 boxes of fruit snacks

10 boxes of granola bars

10 cans of Alpo

16 cans of Grands biscuits

4 bags of Chex mix (free)

1 gigantic bottle of liquid soap (free)

5 rolls Pillsbury cookie dough

20 Dannon yogurts (free)

32 puddings (free)

10 Activia yogurts (free)

6 boxes toaster strudel

1 loaf of Italian bread (free)

I got back $16 in catalinas for the Hamburger Helpers, and $1.50 for the Alpo. I saved $13.50 of those for next time!

I also earned 305 Box Tops for my school!

I hit Walmart today too!  I picked up 16 one pound boxes of Mom’s Best oatmeal for only 45 cents each, 4 Renuzit air fresheners for FREE, two bags of dog food for under $3 each, one can of Chef Boyardee for 25 cents, and 8 packages of Idahoan instant potatoes for 17 cents each. And some other stuff.  Can’t remember.  Too tired!


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11 comments to My weekend at Shaw’s – almost $400 of stuff for less than $50!

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  • charlotte

    Hi Darlene, great blog! I have a question about the activia yogurt. I had a few of free coupons printed and tried to use them today at Shaw’s and they would not accept them due to their policy about free coupons printed from the internet. Did you use the same ones?

    • Deals by Darlene

      It is Shaw’s policy to NOT take printed internet coupons for free items or for bogo items. However, for some reason my Shaw’s take them. All Shaw’s will take coupons for free or bogo items if they are the glossy ones from inserts or mags or by direct mail and if the value is not above $4.99. If ever in doubt about a coupon, ask whoever is in charge at the front of the store.

  • Natalie Nano

    Wow! Its so exciting! I got some hamburger helper today (12 boxes) but didnt get any catalinas to print out – did they end it or does it just vary from store to store? I am in Falmouth. Can i ask where did you get all the coupons for the yougart and pudding? I have been doing this since June and will never go back to my old ways of shopping! I get upset when i go to Hannafords to get a few things that Shaw’s doesnt carry and i pay full price. We are going on vacation to North Dakota see my family and i cant wait to show them my binder and find any stores that double like Shaw’s and show them what i have learned so far! Thanks for all your help with my questions by the way – it helps alot! 🙂

    • Deals by Darlene

      I don’t know if the catalina is regional or not. I bought 10 more boxes today and got another $2 cat. The yogurt coupons were from facebook. Not sure if they are still available. They were rare pdf format so I could print multi coupons. I just checked and the Activia changed the coupon to $1/3 (they switch back and forth with that one and the free one). You can see that one here (but $1/3 is a lousy coupon) I checked and Dannon ended their promo too. You can still get the pudding coupons here but it expires 8/31 I will NEVER go back to shopping my old ways either! Even if I never used coupons again, I would never just throw stuff into the cart without really paying attention to what I’m paying. I started at the beginning of May, so we are just about at the same place! Oh, you don’t have to pay full price at Hannaford either. Print their store coupon and do lots of mini trips Nice to meet you!!!

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    • Deals by Darlene

      I have no clue why this showed up as a comment. It’s a quote from one of my other posts. Hmmm…..

  • Great job Darlene, I hope to replicate your savings later when I take my trip 😉 I am hoping for the P&G deal, and some cheap Mr. Clean items, thanks for linking up to my site 😉

    • Deals by Darlene

      Hi Amy! I saw your recent shopping trip on your site. Awesome! And your site is awesome too. I have a loooooonnnnng way to go before my blog is up to par. I try to learn something new each day. Next step… AFFILIATES! Woohoo! I’ve only ever used google adsense and I have GOT to learn more. Where are you on facebook? I want to make sure I “like” you but can’t find you now.